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Ruben Cosme


To put it simply, I love photography. I have loved it since a very young age where all I wanted to do was take pictures. I got my hands on my first film SLR while vacationing in Europe as a child with my parents. From then on I wanted to learn all about photography. I am self taught with an occasional workshop here and there and I never stop trying to improve.

At some point I decided to ditch the camera and go into computers and join the IT world. To this day I still do IT contractor work as my primary job but all my spare time is filled with shooting more and more and getting back in touch with what stirs the most passion inside of me. I enjoy Landscape and Lifestyle photography the most. My camera is usually with me wherever I go so you will often see variety on my Instagram feed.

I think what you will find when you look at my images is that they stir some emotion in you and you feel the moment as if you were there. I may not always succeed, but it is my primary goal in every image I take.

David Alan Harvey said "Don't shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like!"

Yes, so much yes!!


Rocky Shores
Vineyard View

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